Monday, February 11, 2008

Why sugar is good

I saw this article about artificial sweeteners:

I don't think I know too many people who drink more diet pop than regular pop, but I know a few. I have heard some people say that sugar is so bad for you, you shouldn't drink regular pop at all. Now I feel vindicated. (Yes, I know diabetics generally shouldn't have regular pop, but I think it's alright for most of us, in moderation.)

I'm not a big pop drinker. I rarely drink it at home, except for the occasional time when I have guests, and I sometimes drink it when I'm at a restaurant or visiting someone. After I've had a glass or two, I often feel like I have too much sugar in my system. When that time comes, I'd rather drink water than pop. My experiences seem to confirm that article. Do yours?


Anonymous said...

Avoid all calorie containing drinks - and I thought that everyone knew artificial sweeteners were bad for you!!

Alex said...

So if I can't have calorie-containing drinks or artificial sweeters, is water the only thing I can drink? Or were you being sarcastic with that first part?

Does everyone really know artificial sweeteners are bad for you? They still sell. Besides, I'm not sure if there have been any studies proving that aspartame is harmful, except in mega-unrealistic doses. Of course, it's natural to be suspicious of unnatural chemicals like that. And is there any proof that sucralose is harmful?

By the way, who is this?