Monday, September 11, 2006

On top of the world

On Saturday I went hiking in Kananaskis Country with some of the guys from Navigators (one of the many Christian ministries at the U of A). We climbed Mount Allan, which is supposed to have the highest maintained hiking trail in the Canadian Rockies. There's some amazing scenery at the top, and some neat rock formations, like this ridge, where there was a (partial) wall of rock on either side of the path:

It was a good chance to enjoy nature, reconnect with a few friends I hadn't seen much over the summer, and get to know a few people I didn't know or didn't know well. And in the car, we got to have an interesting discussion on what bugs me about evangelical Christianity, a certain evangelical Christian belief that I'm not sure I agree with, and a bit of what I like about evangelical Christianity. (And yes, I am an evangelical Christian.)

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