Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I'll miss the sticky floors

It's a known fact that if you hear a rumour from two totally independent sources, it's probably true (like Rowan Atkinson's death in the 1990s or Bert and Ernie's homosexuality). Now, two independent sources have confirmed this: the venerable movie theatre Cinema City 12 has closed.
Cinema City was south Edmonton's only source for nearly-on-video movies. Back in the day, a Tuesday movie only cost $1, and recently, I think a typical evening movie cost $3.50. I'll miss the gaudy colour scheme, the sticky floors, the cash-only ticket counter, the amateur-looking website... Now I have to go to northeast Edmonton or West Edmonton Mall if I want to see a cheap movie.

On a completely unrelated note, I'm probably moving out of my parents' house in south Edmonton to a condo in northeast Edmonton in the next couple of months.

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Anonymous said...

**Sniff sniff** The closing of a cheap theatre is always sad! There used to be at least 3 more that I can think of in Calgary, and they're all gone. I love them so much for seeing movies you want to see, but don't want to take out another student loan in order to see. (especially potential stinkers that look so bad, they'd make excellant late shows)