Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Unpredictable construction

This month, a somewhat major road near my house (144 Avenue) is under construction. I use a 2-km section of this road every day to get to work and a bunch of other places.

When I've seen road construction before, the road is typically either open (with less lanes) or closed for quite a while, or maybe turning is restricted at an intersection. But on 144 Ave, it's unpredictable. So far I think it's always been open in the morning. But on my way home, sometimes it's open with one or two lanes in each direction, and sometimes at least one direction is closed. Sometimes the direction I want to go is closed. Today I could drive down the first more-than-half of that road, but for the last longish block before I wanted to turn, the road was down to one lane. That lane went west. I was going east. So I had to take a detour.

Is this unpredictability becoming more common? Did I just miss it in the past?

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