Thursday, September 04, 2008

Miscellaneous thoughts

Two weeks ago, I reformatted the hard drive on my four-year-old laptop computer. (Don't worry, I backed up all my important files first.) I reinstalled a bunch of stuff and restored my documents, photos, music, and stuff. The computer is running better than it has in at least three years.

Last weekend I went camping in Banff. Camping can be a lot of fun even if it snows a bit. Fortunately we had one day of good weather anyway, and we spent part of another day at Banff Hot Springs, which doesn't need good weather. I posted some photos here.

A friend who I saw during the camping trip claims most of the people who contributed to the UN's climate change report aren't actually climatologists, and that most climatologists don't think humans are significantly contributing to climate change. I want to look this up and see if there's some evidence to refute that. But so far I've been too busy (having fun) or lazy. So do any of you know if this is true? And am I arrogant for thinking he's wrong about this (and some other things) even though he's more well-read and a more skilled debater than I am?


Paul said...

There is a pretty big debate going on about climate change, whether it is caused by human activiy, and whether it is all bad. I've been reading about it a while and it's frustrating because the two sides are so polarized and both are often quite dishonest.
It is true that polar bears are enjoying record populations, and that warming seems to have leveled off over the last 10 years.
It's also true that Big Oil will want to ride this dwindling resource as long as they can.
I think that the panic over global warming may get people to pollute less, support renewable energy, and simplify their lifestyles, which is a good thing either way.
The only resource I know of that presents both sides of this debate in a fair (albeit polarizing) way is

Alex said...

Looks like it could be a helpful site. I haven't really looked through it, but I think I understand what you mean when you say it's fair but polarizing. With so many arguments on both sides, I'm half expecting to come out of reading it the same way I came out of listening to a debate on the existence of God--thinking the arguments for both sides suck.