Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ice on the road

To get out of my little neighbourhood, there's just one road I can take, but I can go in either direction on it. This isn't a very major road--no bus route or anything--so the city doesn't clear the snow. Last week, I noticed something odd about it: at both ends, one driving lane is basically clear, and the other is covered in bumpy ice. (And of course, the parking lanes are snowy and icy.) In both cases, the lane for cars entering the neighbourhood is clear, and the lane for people leaving is icy. (After driving a short distance into the neighbourhood, you'll find that all of the lanes are covered in ice, but now I'm getting off topic.)

I can only think of one explanation: people drive on the entering lane with warmer tires. Would that make this much difference? Does anyone have a different explanation?

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