Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Farewell to Montreal

I'm in Ottawa now. Today I took the train from Montreal to Kingston to visit a friend in Kingston (Kelly). I met him on the Uganda trip. Another friend from the trip (Harry) was on his way from Hamilton to Ottawa, so he went to Kingston too. We had some lunch and then I hitched a ride to Ottawa with Harry. Unfortunately Kelly's wife Chantelle (who was also on the Uganda trip) couldn't be there.

Here are a few memories of Montreal:

-Seeing an entire museum of nativity scenes--including one from Uganda--at St. Joseph's oratory.

-Being introduced to various Asian foods (including some pretty good Vietnamese soup) by a Vietnamese friend who moved to Montreal recently.

-Seeing French signs everywhere, usually with no English on them, even in the most touristy areas and in the English movie theatre. But as soon as I tried to order some food (for example, a Beaver Tail) in French, the cashiers would respond in English.

-Visiting Rue St. Catherine (a popular street with lots of stores and restaurants) on the last day of the World Outgames. The road was closed to cars and there were lots of people, including a few in clothes that While I do believe homosexual activity isn't right, homosexuality is something I want to understand better, and maybe this experience got me one step closer to understanding.

But I'm tired, so I'm probably forgetting some things. I quite liked Old Montreal, but I suppose Old Quebec City is probably better, but I had less time to explore there.

Sometime soon (maybe next week) my former roommate Ryan will be leaving for Egypt for a year. He didn't come to Ottawa with me, so today was the last time I will see him for a year. Be sure to pray for him if that's something you do.

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