Monday, July 17, 2006

Cathedral pics

And now the moment you've all been waiting for (or at least the moment Grace has been waiting for), a picture of the cathedral:
As usual, I've posted more pictures (including some of the inside of the cathedral) at my photo site in the "Quebec 2006" album.

And so begins my third week here. A while ago my hosts told me that for most people things really start to click in the third week. They start thinking and dreaming in French, and understanding French becomes easier. As for me, my French keeps improving, but it's still really hard to understand people who don't dumb down their French, and I really have to concentrate to understand dumbed-down French consistently. I haven't had any French dreams, but then I've only had one English dream that I can remember. But I've improved a lot, and it's less than half over.

1 comment:

Grace Choo said...

Hey the Cathedral there is really nice! Wish we had some here in boring ol' Edmonton!

Ok, I hope you'll have your next dream in French, then maybe it'll trigger your french speaking mind to wake up and start thinking in french!

btw, how about giving me a few simple lessons of french words?