Monday, July 31, 2006

The Fugitive Goes Whale-Watching

I visited Tadoussac on Sunday with a bunch of other people from language school. Tadoussac is a little town in Quebec where the Saguenay meets the St. Lawrence. It's about 800 km from the ocean, but the ocean's tide comes all the way over to Tadoussac, bringing with it salt water and whales. The picture here is of two humpback whales.

In other news, last Friday we had our "Soirée Québecoise" at the school. We were all supposed to dress up in traditional Québecois clothing and we did a bunch of traditional dances and had some competitions. I didn't put a lot of effort into my costume, so on Friday afternoon I went to find a shirt to wear. I had the addresses and hours for two second-hand clothing stores on the same road. I arrived at the first one before it was supposed to close, but there was a big "Fermé" (Closed) sign on the door. But the sign with the store's hours said it should still be open. I decided to try the door just in case someone had just forgotten to change the "Fermé" sign that day. It was unlocked, but as soon as I opened it I heard a long beeping noise. Now I know a lot of stores have a beeping thing to tell the employees when someone enters the store, but this wasn't just a short beep, and I couldn't see any signs of life in the store. I didn't go in the store; I just closed the door. Soon, I could hear faint siren-like alarm sounds through the closed door. So I left and went to the other clothing store.

My fingerprints got left on the door handle, but I don't have a criminal record, so the police won't know who I am. But I didn't take anything or even enter the store, so even if they could track me down, I should be okay.

My host claims that most people in Chicoutimi do lock their doors, and they definitely don't intentionally set an alarm while leaving the door unlocked. So I guess an employee must have forgotten to lock the door.

I've posted more photos (including photos of the Soirée Québecoise) on my photo site in the Quebec 2006 album.

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